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Dancing Through The Ages

The Guardian yesterday seemed to be reaching for something new to talk about with dance so they ran a section in their G2 magazine about dancers who are all from various era’s.

Nothing wrong with that except you have to ask why it’s interesting getting a silly group picture and all the information that you provide is nothing more than simple biographical stuff?

It should come as no surprise that the piece was “written” by the three time winner of the “Silly Old Trout” award Judith Mackrell. Originality and creative writing are not her strong suits so this particular piece is right on the money as far as she is concerned.

The image, used as a massive backdrop to the piece, is interesting for no other reason than Siobhan Davies (a very nice lady) looking for all the world like she has far more important things to do than stand about looking like she and everybody else just got back from a funeral. Except the little boy, Jacob Wye (12), who looks like he gatecrashed the wake after escaping from the set of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.

By far the wackiest person in the group is Stephen Wicks (47) who apparently does ‘live’ flower arranging to music and audiences ‘love it’. You really couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried!

We shall be treated to more of this space filler in this weeks G2’s featuring actors, musicians, street performers and sandwich board men.

At least it gives something to put in their news pages.

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