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Company Chameleon ‘Pictures We Make’ Interview

Following on from the success of last years full length work ‘Gameshow’ the Manchester based Company Chameleon return to the touring circuit with a double bill of new work. One piece, ‘Eden’ from Gemma Nixon and Jonathan Goddard and ‘Pictures We Make’ from company AD’s Anthony Missen and Kevin Edward Turner.

For this year the company have eschewed the narrative form of the previous season for two pieces that are, for want of a better description, more traditional. It’s choreography, music and dancing where you can bring your own views about the subtext.

Also new for this season is the expansion of the company to four dancers (now comprising two men and two women) to keep things interesting in the repertory mix.

The company say this much;

The new programme Pictures we Make is a double bill. Part one is a new commission from Christopher Goddard and Gemma Nixon (yes, she’s in it too) who last September made their Place Prize choreographic debut after their recent departure from Rambert. Continuing the theme of human relations, their piece Eden will be a poetic exploration of an internal world where space is compressed and obsessions are revealed. The piece features an original score by composer John Matthias.

Part two, created by Missen and Turner, asks questions of our most significant relationships; how, as we plunge from I to We, we navigate the space between our experience and our expectation. Pictures we Make will reflect stories, fictitious and real, drawn from the long shared histories of the performers, and has a new score by Spanish musician/composer and long-time collaborator, Miguel Marin.

Along side our normal features we bring you an interview with the company directors where they discuss the new work and being the only full time dance company working out of Manchester.

‘Pictures We Make’ is performed by Gemma Nixon, Anthony Missen, Kevin Edward Turner and Elena Thomas.

The work is currently in hibernation until the autumn where it will re-emerge at The Linbury Studio at The Royal Opera House in London on November 15th. Check the company website for more details.

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