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Candoco Dance Company ‘Interview Feature’

Candoco are back with two new(ish) pieces of work that illustrate that rep companies have the advantage when it comes to creative variety in pieces. ‘Let’s Talk about Dis’ from visual artist Hetain Patel and ‘Notturnino’ by little known, to these shores, Swiss dance maker Thomas Hauert make up the evening.

While ‘Notturnino’ concerns itself with improvisation (to a certain degree) so every show is different ‘Let’s Talk About Dis’ is a more theatrical piece that focuses on Candoco itself and poses questions about how we see and talk about disability.

The company say this much about Hetain Patel’s work;

“Acclaimed visual artist Hetain Patel’s new work for Candoco, Let’s Talk About Dis, is a humorous and intimate piece that builds on an exploration of the dancers individual personalities and physicalities, interrogating questions of what identity is and how it is formed and challenging audiences to think beyond surface appearances. Hetain’s TED talk Who am I? Think again, a performative interrogation of identity, inspired by Bruce Lee and performed with Yuyu Rau, has been an internet sensation with over 1.2 million views.”

As well as footage from both works we bring you an interview with company AD Stine Nilsen where she discusses the works and how the company wants to “own” the word disabled and make it mean something more positive.

‘Playing Another’ is performed by Laura Patay, Tanja Erhart, Adam Gain, Andrew Graham, Mirjam Gurtner, Rick Rodgers, Toke Broni Strandby.

These two works will be touring again later in the year keep an eye on the company website for details.

Filmed at The Lowry Theatre in Manchester on December 3rd 2014.

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