The Evil Imp

Bored Now

You know when you attend a performance and your feelings about that particular show range from the deepest pits of rational anger to the heady highs of karmic bliss?

No! Well, pay attention next time. Anyways, we, here in TheLab™, have made you two simple business card sized expressions that you can conveniently leave in your seat for those special performances where you just have to express how you felt.

You can even hand them off to the company PR folk as you leave, when then they’re trying to get you to do a bloody vox pop on camera or fill out one of those annoying forms.

Be cautious though, because if you give them the yellow one there is no telling what the reaction will be! It should go without writing that should you be set upon by a disgruntled PR flack we accept no responsibility for any injuries you may receive!


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[ Print Version ]