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Ace Dance and Music ‘ICE’

Ace Dance and Music are back on tour with their brand new, co-created work ‘ICE’, performed for the very first time this past Saturday in a very sunny Leeds.

For this season the company have brought in Japanese dance maker Akiko Kitamura to collaborate with the company’s AD Gail Parmell.

What emerges is an eclectic mix of movement styles and video graphics projected on to the floor and back wall of the stage. All of these choreo-electronic shenanigans are designed to take a long hard look at the world of electronic communications and what happens when you take them away.

The company say this much about the work;

“ICE reflects on how technology infiltrates our lives, set in a clinical white space with powerful visual projections, fast paced streams of movement & bodies frozen in time. As the performance starts & the temperature drops to freezing point, ICE allows us to preserve the moment & dream together of how the future might be. As the thaw comes, do we cross over & become something else? Or are we forever crystalised. Is this our future? Be touched & amazed. ICE is raw, vibrant and full of expression. With cutting-edge Japanese style, precise timing, strength, control & fierce execution. Music & dance to elevate the soul. “

Our video features include an interview with two of the company dancers, Kajza Ekberg and John Ross where they discuss ‘ICE’, working with two very different dance makers on the same work and life in the wacky world of dance.

‘ICE’ is performed by Kajza Ekberg, John Ross, Sade Alleyne, Letty Mitchell, Jerome Wilks, Laura Vanhulle, Claire Burell and Eleanora Pennacchini with choreography by & Akiko Kitamura. Music is by Hiroaki Yokoyama.

Touring continues through the autumn and into the winter, you can find complete tour details on the company’s website.

Performance filmed at the Riley Theatre in Leeds on October 1st 2011. This video was created, in part, with funding from Arts Council England.

[ Company Website ]