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Bare Bones ‘In Action’

The title of the show isn’t all that but Bare Bones are back for version 6 of their campaign to keep dancing as square as possible, meaning the shape of the performance space!

Things are a little bit different this time because we have one more dancer than usual (six instead of five) and the show is not quite finished at the moment. At the time of writing two of the works are finished or almost finished. One of which we feature here.

‘Magnification’, choreographed by the AD of Australian Dance Theatre Garry Stewart is a bit of a weird one because it explores, in some detail, the in and outs of the way the human body moves and the noises it makes when it does so.

Intrigued dear reader? Then read on!

“In this innovative new work from Australian choreographer Garry Stewart, the inner workings of the body are put under the magnifying glass. Minute bodily functions such as the growth of cells, the cracking of bones and the stretching of muscles are amplified and explored through inventive choreography and an evocative sound score using Foley sound effects.

Beginning with small detailed movements, the work evolves into acts of highly charged physicality as the dancers discover the unlimited functional capabilities of the human body.”

The soundtrack, by Luke Smiles, can be a little bit unsettling at times, especially when you here it live in the theatre, but it fits the work perfectly and you can’t help but admire the innovation.

Touring for ‘In Action’ will not begin until next year so you have plenty of time to organise a viewing of this particular show when a third piece will be added, alongside this one and ‘Container’ by Rui Horta.

‘Magnification’ is performed by Celine Alwyn, Robert Bell and Robert Clark with audio by Luke Smiles and Choreography by Garry Stewart.

More info on The Bones (as we call them) website. Photo by Johan Persson

2008 Interview with Garry Stewart