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Bare Bones 2 ‘Misconception’

Bare Bones 2 ‘Misconception’ from 2003

They’re called Bare Bones because they dance on a bare stage and well………… the dancers do have bones in their body! (not sure that’s the real reason for the name but get on with it! Ed!) Our video feature brings you three exclusive clips from the company’s recent tour.

BareBones is a 5 dancer company based in Birmingham and they perform 5 pieces as part of their tour all by different choreographers. What makes this small, but perfectly formed, dance company stand out from the crowd is that they perform in the round (audience on all four sides).

This has the effect of bringing a real sense of intimacy and involvement to the show.

For our feature we bring you “Improper” by Frantic Assembly “Misconsumption” by Robert Moses.

The work is performed by Vicki Manderson (pictured above right), Leon Baugh, Delphine Gaborit, Benjamin Dunks and Elisabetta d’Aloia

Up Close and Personal will be performed live at the Linbury Theatre in Covent Garden, London from January 15-17 2004.

For more information about BareBones contact DanceXchange in Birmingham on +44 (121) 689 3170.

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