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Yvonne Rainer ‘Trio A Pressured (1966-2011)

Trio A consists of a 5-minute sequence of movement that was initially presented as The Mind is a Muscle, Part I (1966) at Judson Church. There it was performed by Yvonne Rainer, David Gordon and Steve Paxton simultaneously but not in unison. Since then the dance has taken on myriad forms, from execution by a large group in the nude to a retrograde version by Pat Catterson to a recent “geriatric with talking” version by Rainer herself. Dancers: Pat Catterson, with Gry Bech Hansen

This performance was recorded at the Coda Oslo International Dance Festival in Oslo Norway during the 2011 festival. Coda is a biannual gathering featuring dance companies and a huge array of dance performances from across the world.