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Verve 2018 ‘Riders’

Thanks to our inability, here in TheLab™, to read a calendar we missed Verve 2017 but we’re back with the latest year for the post-graduate company from Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds.

This time out the company of 14 dancers are touring works by company AD Mathew Robinson with ‘Neversink’, Lenka Vagnerova with ‘Riders, ‘Wolf’ from Hannes Langlof and ‘Nobody ‘Cept you’ from Sita Osthmeir.

NSCD say this much about Verve;

“Each year VERVE commissions choreographers from all over the world to create a distinct, engaging, and thought-provoking programme of work. The company works with established and emerging choreographers, offering dancers and audiences an appreciation of the breadth of what is happening in dance. Choreographers who have worked with the company include, Akram Khan, Gemma Nixon and Jonathan Goddard, Ben Wright, James Wilton, Ben Duke, Kerry Nicholls, Anton Lachky, James Cousins, Luca Silvestrini, and Lea Anderson.”

Verve 2018 are Alethia Antonia, Theo Arran, Maria Elena Bolelli, Anders Engebretsen,Josh Gill, Fern Grimbley, Katy Hewison, Daisy Howell, Sharol Mackenzie, Ricardo Pereira, Ruby Portus, Michele Scappa, Maggie Vannucci and Meizhi Wang.

The company will be on tour until June, check their website for further details.

[ Company Website ]