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Verve 2010 ‘Draw Your Mind’

We have been featuring Verve, the graduate dance company out of the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds, for four years now and Verve 10 is here for 2010 with 5 new works and 11 new dancers.

Just in-case you don’t know what a graduate company is or does then allow us to explain. Before going out into the wide world of dance the major dance schools thought it would be a good idea to give graduates a good idea what to expect in the professional world. So each of the major schools has their own graduate company.

The only major difference between Verve and a full on professional company is the dancers don’t get paid, so when you think about it it’s not really that different from the professional world (little bit of politics, keep it up! Ed!)

This year the company have brought in Michael Schumacher (no, not that one the other one), Luis Lara Malvacías, David Zambrano, Laïla Diallo and Kathinka Walter, an eclectic mix, that much is certain.

As ever the dancers are superb and the dance making is varied and challenging. For this feature we bring you an interview with two of the company’s dancers, Elisabeth Connor and Lucy Starkey which includes material from the complete rep (video 1). We also have a single feature on ‘Draw Your Mind’ by Venezuelan dance maker David Zambrano (video 2)

During the tour the company will perform 3-4 of the works for each show so make sure you check beforehand because the choreography you really want to see might not be on.

The next show is on March 13th at Builth Wells, Wyeside Arts Centre touring throughout the year. Check the NSCD website for details.

Verve 10 is perfromed by Robert Goodby, David Michel, Elina Karimaa, Elisabeth Connor, Letty Mitchell, Lucy Starkey, Kassie Starkey, Gemma Riley, Janice Keith, Joelle Greene and Natalie Duffield Moore.

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