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Vanessa Cook Dance ‘Creature’

In a much-delayed feature, we bring you Vanessa Cook Dance and their work ‘Creature’ performed for over a month at this years Edinburgh Festival Fringe, a feat that requires nerves of steel from even the most hardened of performers.

‘Creature’ is a mix of aerial and more traditional contemporary dance and was adapted from a much larger, site-specific work. Ms. Cook is a British dance maker but the company is based in Bern, Switzerland.

The company tell us this much about the piece;

“CREATURE weaves aerial and powerfully grounded contemporary dance in a new work of compelling and visceral dance theatre. Vanessa Cook’s latest show explores the balance between flying, falling, succeeding and failing – between human creatures. Moving seamlessly between the realms of air and earth, CREATURE is raw, energetic, visually stunning and always surprising.”

At present, there are no further touring dates planned but keep an eye on the company website for details.

‘Creature’ is performed by Michał Czyż, Dariusz Seweryn Nowak, Alessandra Ruggeri, Tobias Spori and Vanessa Cook.

Filmed at C Venues, Edinburgh on August 23rd, 2017.

[ Company Website ]