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Tribe// Company ‘Still I Rise’ Interview

Tribe\\ Company is a brand new group created by Victoria Fox, a former dancer with Jasmin Vardimon Company and Candoco Dance Company among others. After a few years away from the wide world of dance Ms Fox has returned to create and tour her own work.

‘Still I Rise’ is a full length piece inspired by a poem by US poet and civil rights activist Maya Angelou. The company say this much about the work;

A piece for 5 daring female dancers, raw and energetic dance is combined with instinctual physicality, emotive movement and cinematic scenes. A journey begins of simmering unison, stunning partnering work and tender solos all performed with a gut wrenching power.

Pounding rhythms and a haunting cello drive the movement and creates an intense, stark world where hope dies last….. falling down, gathering up, breathing, we let go, we claim back the space together… we rise.

Inspiration drawn from the poem by Maya Angelou. It’s powerful and defiant words have an ability to resonate with many people, in many different situations or places in our lives, of struggle and rising up from it, which feels ever more appropriate in our current unsettled world.

The work is not currently touring but check the company website for autumn performances and future tours. ‘Still I Rise’ is performed by Sabrina Gargano, Caterina Grosoli, Finetta Oliver-Mikolajska, Vivian Luk Wai Shan and Esther Verlaque.

Filmed at the Newcastle Under Lyme College Centre for Performing Arts on July 13th 2017.

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