The Evil Imp

Submarine Car


In the second part of our series looking at rich people doing stupid things we focus on a young lady known only as ‘Hayley’ who is under the slightly misguided impression the Merecedes Benz sports cars have underwater capabilities.

It seems ‘Hayley’, being a few brain cells short of having an actual brain, decided to drive her fully optioned Mercedes SL500 (retailing at a little over £88,000) into a swollen ford across a river because, well, because the satellite navigation told her to do it.

After ignoring roads signs stating the road was unsuitable for cars our intrepid explorer fearlessly drove the luxury car into the raging torrent and was promptly swept away.

Several hundred yards downstream ‘Hayley’ was rescued by Alice Clarke, a local stable owner, after she waded into the river, chest deep, and pulled the hapless motorist from the confines of the car.

Upon being rescued she was taken to a motorway service station where a chauffeur picked her up in a nice, and presumably dry, Bentley. The submerged Mercedes was recovered a week later.

The first irony to note here is that the SL500 has a push button, retractable roof so trying to make your escape by opening the doors of the car when they are surrounded by water is perhaps not the first choice one would make when attempting to save yourself from slipping beneath the waves.

The second irony is the name of the waterway ‘Hayley’ ploughed into; It’s called the ‘River Sense’. Soon the be renamed; ‘The River Sense or Lack Thereof’ we presume.

At the time of writing there were no reports of any premiership footballers wives or girl friends being spotted at any motorway service stations looking like drowned rats.

[ Via The Evening Standard ]