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Stormforce ‘Break’

Stormforce Video from June 2002

In another exclusive presentation Article19 bring you an exclusive video of some of the most outstanding local breakdancers from the bitter North.

Stormforce, Junior Stormforce and Newcastle City Krew collaborated with Article19 to make this 6 minute film which may lead to a great deal of exposure for all concerned if everything goes well.

Conceived, filmed and edited in 36 hours the video shows off the extraordinary talents of all involved. We would talk about it more but 25 frames per second moving images talk louder than words. Hit the link and watch the video. If you have any comments then let us know through the usual channels.

If you want to know more about Stormforce or the other breakdancing crews then contact David Rae via Dance City in Newcastle on 0191 261 0505.

[note] We would like to point out that Stormforce no longer exists and that the article is featured now only for archival purposes