The Evil Imp

Stop Smoking Crack!!

I’m not sure what kinds of illicit narcotics or how much the newsletter writer over at Impulstanz is smoking but it must be a fair amount because they have been keeping us entertained for years with their fabulous emails.

The surreal writings are either a staggeringly complex intellectual exercise that we just don’t get here in The Lab (probably), the results of using useless computerised translators to convert the text from German to English (Impulstanz is in Austria) or it’s party time 24/7 over at the festivals Vienna home.

A slight taste of the most recent one;

“So, while Mr. Khan from above has such pearls as “to know is nothing at all … to imagine is everything” to share with us, you still want me to talk about cars? These David Hasselhoffs of movement acceleration (who is still spending like crazy on petrol to go on eternal rides, when you can skype there immediately for free)? Well. Well. While they are evil for tree, castle facades and complexion and certainly post climactic on the hipness charts, admittedly they can campaign. Even better than the … dance festivals. So please give a hand to “we just dropped it like it’s hot”:”

Fabulous stuff, keep it up guys!

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