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Scottish Dance Theatre ‘The Life and Times of Girl A’

Scottish Dance Theatre, which has nothing to do with reels or ceilidhs and that’s the last time we’re going to tell you that, is back on tour with a series of new works one of which we bring you, our dear readers, for your viewing pleasure.

‘The Life and Times of Girl A’ was created for the company by Ben Duke of Lost Dog fame and features a healthy mix of dance (no surprises there), theatre, a little bit of live projection thrown in for good measure and a stand out acting performance from Solene Weinachter.

SDT say this much about their new work;

“Lost Dog’s award winning Ben Duke brings his ‘highly theatrical and subversively humorous style’ (Metro) to his new work for SDT. A woman is trying to tell us something important about what is happening now. What she needs is a film crew and a financier, what she’s got is a stage and some dancers. A piece about moments of crisis both emotional and financial, when all we need is to use less to say more.

Duke’s work breaks new ground in his use of improvised performance in exploring emotional states of play at a meeting point between movement and speech.”

Also on the current tour is the in house production ‘NQR’ (not featured), ‘In The Middle of the Moment’ and ‘Drift’. The programme you get to see is dependant on the tour date so check ahead of time.

Filmed at The Lowry Theatre in Manchester on 21st March 2010.

Dancers are: James MacGillivray, Toby Fitzgibbons, Ruth Janssen, Jori Kerremans, Naomi Murray, Rocco Vermijs, Solene Weinachter, Natalie Trewinnard, Joan Clevillé, Anna Kaszuba and Matthew Robinson.

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