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Scottish Dance Theatre ‘A Visitation’

Continuing the theme of “it’s all gone a bit Norwegian” Scottish Dance Theatre’s latest work ‘A Visitation’ was crafted for the company by Norwegian dance maker Christel Johannessen.

This work is a bit of departure for SDT, but not that much of a departure, as the company meanders into the world of storytelling with ghosts, mannequins and all manner of strange goings on. It’s all a bit spooky!

Here in TheLab™ we reckon this work would look a treat filmed in an old Scottish castle on Halloween with thunderous local weather brought in for added effect.
SDT say of this work;

“A Visitation is the first commission for SDT from Ina Christel Johannessen, one of the most influential and inspiring creative forces in Norwegian contemporary dance.
The work is inspired by the vivid descriptive writing of Bruno Schultz and The Street of Crocodiles, a collection of his short stories and realised in collaboration with designer, Kathrine Tolo, drawing on the interior designs of Rennie Mackintosh. A Visitation features 5 wooden mannequins, 5 ghosts and 5 people in a lost and forgotten room. Haunting work: literally.”

So there you have it. We were planning an on camera interview with the company’s AD, Janet Smith, but time constraints meant that couldn’t happen unfortunately. Maybe next time!

Dancers for ‘A Visitation’ are : Toby Fitzgibbons, Ruth Janssen, Jori Kerremans, Naomi Murray, Rocco Vermijs, Solene Weinachter, Natalie Trewinnard, Anna Kszuba, Mathew Robinson and Joan Clevillé.

SDT will be performing the work in Edinburgh at Zoo Southside until August 30th with touring to follow. Check their website for more details.

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