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Rosie Kay Dance Company ‘Asylum’

Something a little unusual here in that we first filmed ‘Double Points K’ back in 2008 but at the time we didn’t do any interviews. So we thought let’s go back and do some profiles on the company this time out.

The double bill itself also features the work ‘Asylum’ which has also been re-cast since its debut in 2004.

The company say this much about both works.

“Double Points: K is based on the seminal work by Dutch/Italian choreographer Emio Greco. The two dancers undertake a precise dance of structure, synchronicity and stamina. The vibrant sound score works in dub step, electro and Bach’s Concerto in A Minor. Asylum weaves a narrative of holding on, re-adapting, mechanisation, and ultimately finding your identity through the sheer determination of the human spirit. These two powerful works show Kay’s trademark fierce and challenging dance theatre.”

We have profile interview with dancer/choreographer Rosie Kay and dancer Manon Greiner and Chris Vann as well as extensive material from both shows.

At present there are no plans for additional touring of these works but keep an eye out on the company’s website for further information.

Double Points K is performed by Rosie Kay and Chris Linda with music by Julien Gillamat. ‘Asylum’ is performed by Manon Greiner and Chris vann with music by Annie Mahtani and Alek Harker.

Filmed at Northern Ballet/Phoenix space on April 27th 2012. This video work was funded in part by Arts Council England.