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Rosie Kay Dance Co. ‘There is Hope’

Religion, now there’s a subject folks can have a level headed discussion about over tea and biscuits no matter where you are or who you happen to be talking to. Right?

With ‘There is Hope” Rosie Kay, dance maker, has taken the subject by the throat and given it a good shake with a new work that runs the gamut of religious imagery from the archetypal “preacher man” to the overzealous “true believers” that have a tendency to become, well, overzealous.

Throw in some very loud and very live music and a little burning incense and you have, for most people, just another night out.

The company say this much;

“There is Hope is a timely, pertinent and exciting work that speaks of today. With the riots of 2011 still fresh in everyone’s minds, what kind of world are we living in right now and, arguably, is there hope?”

Our feature brings you an interview with the titular dance maker alongside extensive material from the work itself.

‘There is Hope’ is performed by Corey Baker, Lisa Hood, Jake Nwogu, Ria Uttridge, Chris Vann and continues touring in March and throughout the year, check the company’s website for further details.

Filmed at Dance City in Newcastle upon Tyne on November 22, 2012.

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