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ProDance Leeds

For many years the provision of professional dance classes on a regular basis has vexed even the most well established dance organisations. Step forward five recent dance graduates Sarah Maria Cook, Kate Cox, Sofia Edstrand, Rachel Fullegar and Rebecca Holmberg, all from NSCD, and problem, almost, solved.

ProDance Leeds provides, at the moment, two very simple things, Regular and varied dance classes and workshops for professional dancers in Leeds. The message is so simple the groups website barely touches on the motivations for doing so, they simply provide as much practical information as possible about the up and coming classes and leave the artistic motivational fluff to everybody else.

We caught up with the classes while Kristina and Sadé Alleyne, currently creating their own work as well as performing with Akram Khan, were teaching class and Tomislav English was providing a weekend workshop.

For more information about ProDance Leeds check out there website for more information about up and coming classes and workshops.

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