The Evil Imp

Pillow Fight Club (Honest!)

Remember back in the day when Flash Mobs were a thing? People would gather in a given place, do something weird and then bugger off before anybody could figure out what was happening?

Apparently they didn’t vanish off the face of the Earth, far from it. They have simply evolved into ever more inventive/lame (delete as applicable) forms of collaborative entertainment for the masses.

One of the latest is Mobile Clubbing which we couldn’t possibly be less interested in. Actual clubs are bad enough without the good folks in the frozen carrots section of Sainsbury’s pumping their arms in the air shouting ‘Aceeeeeeeeeed’.

No, of far more interest to us is The Pillow Fight Club whereby people show up at a pre-determined spot with a pillow concealed about their person (don’t ask, Ed!) and on cue from some unseen Pillow Fight overlord begin whacking each other about the head and neck with said feather filled head resting device.

We can think of nothing more approproate for the stuffed shirts of contemporary dance than showing up at their sombre dance performance, waiting until the end, after the polite applause has died down, then ‘WHACK’, break out the pillows and let the chaos begin!

We’ll give an iPod Nano (2GB Version) to the first person that sends in video evidence of such a thing taking place in any dance venue, performance or, better still, National Dance Agency. It will lend your revolutionary conduct more credibility if you manage to get your collar felt by law enforcment (getting it felt by some stranger doesn’t count).

Go forth and fight, but read the rules first!

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[ image by Clarita Natoli ]