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Phoenix Dance Theatre ‘Maybe Yes Maybe No’

Phoenix Dance Theatre’s latest quadruple bill features four works from the past and present from as varied a set of dance makers you are likely to see in the wacky world of dance.

They have ‘Signal’ from Henri Oguike, ‘Catch’ by former company member Ana Luján Sánchez, the tongue twisting ‘Maybe Yes, Maybe No Maybe’ by Aletta Collins and ‘SoundClash’ by another former company dancer Kwesi Johnson.

Overall the programme adds up to a varied evening of work that even the most hardened dance cynic would be able to draw some inspiration from. You’ve got hard core dance and a a lot of charm throughout the night, so no complaining!

The company say this much about ‘Maybe Yes, Maybe No Maybe’;

“With a live microphone at its heart, Maybe Yes Maybe, Maybe No Maybe sees five dancers blend movement and voices to create a uniquely witty piece of dance. Teasing and playful but full of attitude, the work is set to a score by composers Street Furniture that transforms the dancers’ voices into the beats and accents of a pulsing soundtrack. Having choreographed Gang of Five, one of the flagship pieces that helped establish Phoenix Dance Theatre on the national dance map, this exciting work by Aletta Collins is the perfect way to round off the Declarations programme.”

We bring you two profile interview with company dancers Phil Sanger and Glenn Graham as well as feature from ‘Maybe Yes, Maybe No Maybe’ and ‘Catch’. There will also be some exclusive content from ‘SoundClash’ and an interview with company AD Sharon Watson in the podcast channel and our Vimeo channel real soon.

The works are performed by Azzurra Ardovini, Josh Wille, Glenn Graham, Chihiro Kawasaki, Phil Sanger, Ryu Suzuki, Genevieve Watson and Vanessa Pang.

‘Crossing Points’ is no sleeping for the summer but will return in the autumn so check the company’s website for more details.

Performance filmed at Northern Stage in Newcastle upon Tyne on May 31st 2012.