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Parlor Dance ‘Step Forward’

Almost a year to the day since we brought you another site specific work from the stable of dance maker Helen Parlor. Now she’s back along with three dancers this time with a work inspired by the science of movement.

Working with actual scientists, otherwise known as boffins from Oxford Brookes University, the company haver created a work based on scientific research conducted into human walking and stride patterns, also known as “gait’.

The company tell us this much about the piece;

“The emphasis for the medical monitoring of Neurological diseases is based on measuring physical movement, but this is just one component that has a huge effect on the patients. The Movement Science Group at Oxford Brookes University, led by Professor Helen Dawes uses novel digital sensor systems to monitor patient progress.

The clever bit is that from this they build complex algorithms to translate this immense numeric data into something more than just physical information, providing answers on how a neurological disease like Parkinsons or Strokes should and can be treated.”

For our feature we bring you, of course, film of the work itself alongside interviews with dance maker Helen Parlor, scientist Dr. Ryan Pink and company dancer Chris Bradley.

At present there are no immediate plans to tour the work but research and development is underway to expand the scope of the project and expand the scientific research. You can check the company’s website for further details.

‘Step Forward’ is performed by Effie McGuire Ward, Jamie Roberts and Chris Bradley with music by Dr Paul Whitty and choreography by Helen Parlor.

Performed at Milton Keynes Gallery, Milton Keynes on November 10th 2011.

This video feature was created, in part, with funding from Arts Council England.

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