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Panta Rei Danseteater ‘On The Outside’

The small Norwegian company have produced their second full length work this year with ‘On The Outside’ that featuring live music, live singing and a very unusual setup for a contemporary dance performance.

Featuring four stages for the two company dancers, Kari Skotnes Vikjord and Robert Guy, as they move around the space mingling with the audience. Singer Marie Munore also roams the space delivering the soundtrack for the piece along with 3 stationery musicians.

The company tell us this much about the work;

“ON THE OUTSIDE is Marie Munroe and Panta Rei Dance Theatre’s (PDR) first collaborative work. Based on a shared fascination with a quote by Dave Eggers – “You have What I Can Afford To Give” – they aim – through their different means of expression to communicate the loneliness found in togetherness. Anastasia Isachsen creates spaces of light and images. Costume design by Hanne Iveland Henriksbó

Marie Munroe is the name and sound of one of Norway’s most unique voices and songwriters. The voice from the picturesque coastal town of Ã…lesund has had a number of powerful musical releases in recent years, both from interesting collaborative projects and as a solo artist.

Anastasia Isachsen is one of Norway’s more prominent video artists with a broad range of collaborations behind her in Norway and internationally as concerts, dance productions, music, theatre, installations and exhibitions.”

For our feature we interview the creators of the piece Anne Ekenes and Pia Holden along with lots of material from he piece itself.

‘On The Outside’ will be touring across Europe from next year keep an eye on the company website for details.

Performed by Kari Skotnes Vikjord and Robert Guy. Filmed at Rikkscene, Oslo, Norway on September 19th 2014.

[ Company Website ]