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Pair Dance ‘Insideout’

Pair Dance, helmed by dancer/choreographer Harriet Macauley and soundsmith Richard Leonard, last appeared on Article19 about eighteen months ago with the superbly crafted ‘Silent Steps’ one of the highlights of the Big Mission festival.

That particular work is soon to be retired but the company have two new pieces in the pipeline for future touring. A solo entitled ‘Insideout’ (video 1) performed by Ms Macauley and a work in progress called ‘Rush'(video 2), a trio, for three dancers………….. (you’re fired! Ed!)

‘Insideout’, the solo for one dancer (stop it! Ed!), was created in the frozen wasteland of Edmonton in Canada earlier this year when Ms Macauley was a visiting artist. Ok, so it’s not a wasteland but it is frozen, literally!

‘Rush’, the trio (don’t do it! Ed!) is a work in progress, for the moment, but will grow over the coming months into a full blown piece of work. The company have this much to say about it;

“In the evocation of commuter chaos, garbled speech cloaks movement with contextual explanation. Confined labours take on the realism of a packed tube at rush hour. The distinctive, collaborative style was celebrated by an invitation to premier this new work at the John Ryan Theatre, New York as part of Wave Rising Series. Created with the support of Swindon Dance and performed at the Siobhan Davis Dance Studio.”

Touring is over for the moment but the company will be back in the new year. Keep an eye on their website for more details.

Dancers for ‘Rush’ are Luke Birch, Vanessa Abreu, Karolina Kraczkowska. Sound design by Richard Leonard.

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