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Northern Youth Dance Company

November 2002 – After many months of classes, choreography and rehearsal Northern Youth Dance Company finally arrived at Newcastle Playhouse on the final stage of their regional tour of Northern England.

The dancers performed superbly throughout all of their pieces showing maturity and assurance in their movement and an exceptional level of technical ability. Over all the group worked extremely well as a company and provided a memorable evening of entertainment on one of the country’s biggest dance stages which is a challenge for even the most established of professional companies.

In the video we bring you a 3 minute segment of just one of their pieces “Traces Trails” by Adriana Grechi. The work was performed by Lisa Ellis, Emily Waites, Ellie Renwick, John Morley, Michael Pickering and Mark Wild who make up half of the company. We will bring you a further segment from NYDC’s repertoire featuring more of the company’s dancers at a later date.

If you would like more information about NYDC then contact Pete Huggins at Dance City on 0191 261 0505 or get in touch with Dance City through their website.

Note: Since this article was published the NYDC has ceased to exist for reasons past understanding. If you want to know why then ask DanceCity and we would love to hear the reasons that they give you.