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Motionhouse Dance Theatre ‘Interview Feature’

It has been almost 4 years to the day since we last featured a work by Warwick based Motionhouse Dance Theatre. Why so long you ask? Times are changing and dance companies are keeping their works alive for a lot longer than in previous years. ‘Scattered’, the company’s previous production, is still touring internationally.

This time out the company, keeping with their one word titled pieces,bring the massed ranks of dance folk ‘Broken’. In keeping with the previous production ‘Broken’ contains a lot of graphics projection and a set the dancers can literally jump through into oblivion or maybe they just end up behind it, that’s the mystique of theatre for you.

As well as our usual feature on the work we bring you an interview with company AD Kevin Finnan where he talks about the work, technology and how he feels about the company going “rep”.

‘Broken’ is performed by Ariadna Girones Mata, Junior Cunningham Alasdair Stewart, Daniel Connor, Rebecca Williams and Martina Bussi with choreography by Kevin Finnan.

The work will continue to tour throughout the year and beyond both nationally and internationally check the company’s website for more details.

Filmed at The Lowry Theatre in Manchester on February 28th 2014.

[ Company Website ]

Full, unedited audio from interview with Kevin Finnan.