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Möbius Dance ‘Iconic’

Möbius Dance is the brainchild of former Verve AD Gianluca Vincentini. It’s a company created to provide opportunities and support to dance artists based in the North of England and, in this instance, to provide a platform for female dance makers.

The company is currently presenting ‘Iconic’ from Valentina Golfieri and ‘We’ve Got It Coming’ from Susanne Thomas. Möbius Dance say this much about their work;

“Founded by Artistic Director Gianluca Vincentini, Möbius Dance arose out of the need to establish a company that supports artists both creatively and practically, seeking opportunities that put the Dance art form at the centre of its activities, production and outreach.

Möbius Dance is a company in motion. We endeavour to partake in the development, creation and nurturing of the contemporary dance scene internationally. We offer spaces to learn, discover and rediscover, be challenged and be moved.

We highly value the productivity and inclusivity of collaborative working practices. We work with artists that have an inquiring eye for humanities current condition, who can create a nuanced yet dextrous physical language.

The audience is vital and their interpretation and opinion is recognised as if they are part of the company’s extended family. So, whether you have already experienced our work or you are someone who has yet to find out more, come and participate – we would like to think that there is a place for you here with us.”

The work is performed by Stefania Pinato, Ana Fernández Melero and Tom Davis Dunn and you can check out future performance dates on the company’s website.

Filmed at Kalasangam Arts Centre, Bradford, March 15 , 2018

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