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MK Raw 2008 ‘Street’

It’s that time of year again as MKT Raw 2008 comes back into view, just as summer slips over the horizon! MKT is short for Milton Keynes Theatre but that’s about as catchy as something that’s not really very catchy at all so you can understand the initials.

Lest you be unfamiliar with the annual dance shenanigans that take place in the less than glorious city of Milton Keynes (just outside London for you non-UK folk) then let us remind you.

Every year about 50-60 young people gather, some experienced, some not so much,  and get split into three groups. Contemporary, Hip Hop and Jazz. They create work, over about ten days, based on a common theme and then perform that work in front of a live, very noisy audience at the superb Milton Keynes Theatre.

This year the common theme was “The Movies” and we have; ‘As I Journey Through’ choreographed by Helen Parlor, ‘CHASE (chãs)’ with Nikki O’Hara at the helm and ‘Love Dance. Funk Life’ created by Andy Instone.

What makes this show stand out, as it did last year, is the undisputed quality of the dance making and the performances. We’ve said it before and well, we’re going to say it again. This is what all youth orientated shows should aspire to be. It has energy, creativity and commitment in spades. There are more than a few professional companies that could learn a lot from these guys.

Contemporary Dancers: Georgina Ainscough, Rosie Algar, Stephanie Castle, Rebecca Chadbourne, Aine Donnelly, Caroline Donnlly, Alexandra Farquharson, Tessa Forbes, Danielle Hahn, Rebecca Hall, Olivia Hannah, Jennie Harris, Rachel Henessey, Stephanie Jones, Maria Macdonald-Knowlson, Naomi Meanwell, Natasha Reed, Nikhita Saggu, Daniel Shiells, Jade Brown Smart, Natasha Suggit, Amy Taylor, Aimee Vivian, Effie Ward, Pippa Ward, Zoe Winskell.

Modern Jazz: Bruce Aguilar-Rohan, Gabriella Bolino, Francesca Buckland, Megan Burbridge, Rebecca Burbridge, Lauren Carter, Ruth Cody, Anthony Cragg, Eve Gilliland, Lillia Gilliland, Harriet Johnson, Jake Maiden, Michael Naylor, Louise Parnell, Loren Payne, Jessica Sauvarin, Hannah Shackell, Abi Smith, Natalie Spence, Lauren Troiano, Gabriella Watts, Georgina Westley, Dewi Witcombe, Katy Woodley, Heather Stuckey.

Street Dance: Robyn Bevan, Sinead Bobey, Sammy Bygrave, Stephanie Carr, Rachele Carr, Montana Darby, Jonathon Davies, Natasha Glenister, Kim Harper, Gina James, Raheem James, Matthew Kendall, Rachael Kynaston, Robyn Lambert, Robbie Lasenby, Joanna Leon, Shauna Mclean, Rocky Nti, Sade Palmer, Chloe Richardson, Ashley Robert, David Samba, Ashley Shackell, Sophie Shiells, Moses Shimkaiye, Fiona Silverthorn, Becky Wallace, Mica Whyte, James Wright.