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MK Raw 09 ‘Street’

MK Raw is back for 2009 and once again we have a collection of three strong works from those crazy kids at the annual youth dance program right here on Article19 in miniaturised video form.

Lest you be unfamiliar with the goings on in England’s darkest city let us enlighten you. Some 50 or so young dancers gather in Milton Keynes and spend 10 days working with professional dance makers on three distinct styles of dance. You only get to play in one group though, either Jazz, Contemporary or Street.

Each year there is a theme running through the work and this time out it was “Why do I dance” or words to that effect.

Following the 10 day stretch a performance is given at the vast Milton Keynes Theatre and the rest, as they always say, is history.

For three years in a row we reckon MK Raw is by far the best youth dance project around simply because they produce great work, full stop. If it’s not about that dear readers then, we ask you, what is it about?

Choreographers for MK Raw are Nikki O’Hara, Helen Parlor and Andy Instone on Jazz, Contemporary and Street respectively.

Dancers Jazz: Joe Barlow, Gabriella Bolino, Francesca Buckland, Megan Burbridge, Rebecca Burbridge, Anthony Cragg, Gemma Cross, Samantha Fox, Hannah Gillet, Lillia Gilliland, Eve Gilliland, Rebecca Landy, Amy O’Brien, Hayley Parker, Loren Payne, Emma Prowse, Emma Rice, Jess Sauvarin, Hannah Shackell, Abi Smith, Laura Troiano and Katy Woodley.

Dancers Contemporary: Rosie Algar, Naomi Allen, Evie Aspirall, Phoebe Barber, Hannah Bitcliffe, Joshua Buckham, Farrell Cox, Sam Frizzell, Katherine Godfrey, HArry Gough, Danielle Hahn, Olivia Hannah, Jennie Harris, Katie Harris, Amy Hutchinson, Natasha Kennedy, Rebecca King, Money McGee, Ramzan Miah, Poppy Moroz, Samantha Rossiter, Tamar Spencer, Aimee Vivan, Pippa Ward, Emily Ward and Dewi Witcombe.

Dancers Street: Omatola Awoiobi, Robyn Bevan, Rachele Carr, Stephanie Carr, Lauren Carter, Nikki Coard, Fern Crosbie, Montana Darby, Renoire Da’Silva, Jonathon Davies, Kim Harper, Gina James, Rahemm James, Jaron Johnson, Ed Jones, Robyn Lambert, Robbie Lasenby, Sarah Massey, Michael Naylor, Rocky Nti, Chloe Richardson, Ashley Shackell, Iniyemi Shittu, Fiona Silverthorne, Jade Smart, Abbey Taylor and James Wright.