The Evil Imp

Loaded Gloves

It’s time to put the horseshoes in the boxing gloves and start swinging because the politicians are coming after the arts and pretty much everything else in christendom.

In our editorial ‘Get Off the Floor’ we pointed out that should the worst come to the worst then you will have to fight back and there are 57 specific targets we can focus on, namely 57 Liberal Democrat MP’s.

Here in TheLab™ we’ve set up a simple page listing all of their names, where they are from, contact phone numbers (business not personal), email and a few other bits and pieces.

If all the opposition parties vote against the government’s Finance Bill (by no means guaranteed) then 40 votes have to swing from “yes” to “no” in the Liberal Democrat camp. The Conservatives can’t govern without their coalition partners so let’s see just how shaky it really is.

It makes no difference if the LD MP is not your MP. These issues are national, not local and their votes will have an impact on you whether you like it or not so take your pick and give them a call or drop them an email.

Defeat is almost certain but you might as well go out fighting as anything else and it’s a lot more fun making a politician or six sweat it out and answer to the people they work for.

Just remember, be firm, be direct, but be polite, don’t give them an excuse to ignore you.

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