The Evil Imp

Just Say No!!

Should you ever be unfortunate enough to be invited around to Mark Baldwin’s house for movie night then we strongly advise you to say ‘thanks, but no thanks!’

In a recent ‘interview’ (we use that word in the loosest possible terms) on the Artistic Director of Rambert told a willing readership about his favourites from the world of film as follows;

Satyricon: 60’s Roman romp featuring characters called Encolpio and Ascilto charging about kidnapping people and having ‘adventures’. Based, apparently, on a book that is not available in any complete format and as such the characters in the film stop speaking mid sentence because the pages from the book are missing!

The Enigma of Casper Hauser: Young boy is left wondering the street of Nuremberg in Germany, gets taken in by helpful stranger, high jinx ensue. Made by Werner Herzog who recently released “Grizzly Man” about wildlife wack job Timothy Treadwell who was eaten by a bear!

Orphee: Even the mighty IMDB has no information about this one other than it is French, made in the 70’s and was on TV.

His final choice is The Sound of Music, which if you don’t know about or have never seen then you should really think yourself lucky!

Any list of favourite films that does not include Finding Nemo or Monsters Inc. means there is a serious lack of fun going on in the house of Baldwin and it might explain why Rambert is unspeakably dull and so utterly devoid of charm since Christopher Bruce gave up the reigns!