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Irven Lewis ‘Ignite’

The recent Big Mission festival for new black choreography hosted by DanceXchange in Birmingham revealed a wide variety of choreography and creative ideas.

Today we bring you Irven Lewis and ‘Ignite’ performed on Thursday 3rd February 2005. Festivals can be a bit hit and miss with the type of works on offer but BiMi (as we call it) had some great shows on offer featuring great dancing, choreography and a lot of humour.

The promotion blurb for Ignite tells us; “British urban dance culture with insight, dynamism and humour. Uplifting and high-energy, this exuberant dance performance has competing dancers striving to outclass their rivals and be the best.

Each movement is a character study of personalities, relationships and conflicts, as anger, pride and determination give way to satisfaction, joy and respect.

Lewis touches on the spectrum od subtle emotions that drive the dance forward – evolving, extending and pushing it to its limits.” Our 6 minute feature brings you only a small selection of the superb performances on offer throughout the piece.

Ignite is performed by Irven Lewis, David Graham, Kola Abidougan, Andrea Franklin, Seane Graham and Karensa Louis. With direction/choreography by Irven Lewis and additional movement by the dancers.