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Hagit Yakira Dance ‘Free Falling’

Let’s visit some brand new work from Israeli dance maker Hagit Yakira with her quartet of dancers and their two pieces ‘Air Hunger’ and ‘Free Falling’ based on the choreographer’s experiences working in dance therapy.

For many years now I wanted to create a piece that somehow presents different anxieties I became familiar with while studying and working as a dance movement therapist. Some of the stories I heard in the therapy room (or studio) touched me very deeply, and I felt I needed to somehow share them. It is important for me to share these as I believe many of us experience these anxieties (or other anxieties) on some level, and are too afraid to admit it, to talk about it, which creates a sense of isolation, loneliness and fear.

Air Hunger started by looking at anxiety attacks. It had been named Air Hunger because when there is an anxiety attack the body experiences lack of air – it is of course a psychological feeling rather than a physical one – and it is a real shock to the system because the person believes he/she is experiencing a heart attack and they feel they are going to die.

Free Falling initially started by exploring the fear of falling. Something, which I believe we can all experience sometimes, but when in a sever scenario this fear can prevent people from walking, from leaving their houses, every step they make feels as a risk which might end in a fall which will have no recover. This in times links to a psychological fear of failing.

Dancers for both works are Fernando Balsera, Stephen Moynihan, Verena Schneider and Sophie Arstall. For further touring information check out the company website.

Filmed at @Stage, Leeds university on January 31st 2017.

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