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Gracefool Collective ‘This Really Is Too Much’

Brought to you by the same group of dancers responsible for ProDance Leeds, Gracefool Collective (geddit?) is a dance theatre company created by 4 relatively recent dance graduates and their work ‘This Really Is Too Much’ has just finished a 4 week run at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

The company tell us this much about the work;

“Raucous, provocative and laugh-out-loud funny, this genre-busting performance reveals the downright absurd realities of life as a 3-dimensional, high definition, water-drinking, salad-eating, WO-man in modern society. ‘Gleefully compelling’ (Exeunt), slickly choreographed and dripping with feminist charm and anarchic wit.

Gracefool combine dancing with dark comedy to delve into a world of farcical stereotypes and preposterous power struggles, wrestling with gender, identity and social convention. An outlandish and wildly entertaining medley of absurd political speeches, talent contests and box ticking.”

Our coverage includes elements of the show and an interview with Kate Cox, co-creator and dancer.

‘This Really Is Too Much’ is currently on hiatus as the company develop a new work but check their website for ongoing details of what they are up to.

The work is performed and crated by Rachel Fullegar, Sofia Edstrand, Kate Cox and Rebecca Holmberg. Filmed at The Underbelly, EFF, Edinburgh, August 22nd 2017.

[ Company Website ]