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Galili Dance ‘Fragile’ & ‘Upper Room’

First time feature alert here on Article19 as Galili Dance from Holland, run by Israeli dance maker Itzik Galili, bring not one, or two, or even three pieces of work for us here in TheLab™.

You can catch ‘Peeled’ (the fourth work) performed by Diversions Dance Company, created by Mr Galili, over there on the right and ‘six’ is available in a video feature all of its own as well

In this feature we bring you two short segments of video. The first is the ‘The Upper Room Project’ a “specially crafted” version of a solo piece;

“developed through a residency with Merseyside Dance Initiative and Galili Dance. For four days in September this year, six locally based dancers worked with Itzik and Helena to develop the piece. Normally a solo, this evening sees the work performed as a quintet for the first time.”

The second work featured is a striking duet called ‘Fragile’ that takes place almost entirely within a thin strip of light on the center of the stage. Some old school, unhurried dance making is in evidence as the two dancers move smoothly in and around one another. It’s the kind of choreography that makes many a professional wince because you know how hard it is.

‘The Upper Room Project’ is performed by Holli-Ann Coleman, Fenfen Huang, Jenna Jungbluth, Jenny Rees and Jennifer Smith with choreography by Itzik Galili and music by Percossa.

‘Fragile’ is performed by Natalia Rodina and Leonardi Centi with Music by Gavin Bryars

You can catch this work live in the UK at the Taliesin Arts Centre in Swansea, Wales. The company perform in Holland on December 6th. Check their website for details.