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Ervi Sirén ‘VIITA’

At the last Coda festival in 2009 one of the stand out performances was from the Finnish dance maker and dancer Terro Saarinen and this year this is no different.

Mr Saarinen isn’t back but Ervi Sirén is along with her all female company with the work ‘VIITA’. This is a pure dance piece with just a hint of backstory.

They speak of this work thus;

“Viita is a celebration of femininity, vitality and the art of dancing. Seven powerful and expressive women captivate the audience with their flowing dance, full of energy and bodily memories. The title of the piece, literally meaning a birch forest that just came out, refers to something new, unexpected, wild and mysterious. Choreographer Ervi Sirén is a renowned dance artist and teacher who has had a wide-spread influence on the development of contemporary dance in Finland. Sirén is performing herself in Viita.”

The work is performed by Ervi Sirén, Jonna Eiskonen, Anne Hiekkaranta, Tuovi Rantanen, Terhi Vaimala, Hanna Ahti, Eeva Muilu with choreography by Ervi Sirén.

Performance filmed at Dansens Hus, Oslo, Norway on October 20th 2011. Video brought to you with the support, in part, of Arts Council England and Coda Oslo Dance Festival.

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