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EDge 2015 ‘Treasure’

It’s EDge time again as the post graduate company from the London Contemporary Dance School take to the road with four new works from dance makers Siobhan Davies, Eleesha Drennan, Robert Clark and Itamar Serussi.

Combine those four with the 12 superb dancers from the company and you have a rich mix of creative work and performance skills on show for all the dance world and joe public (aka muggles) to see.

Along with lots of footage form the work we bring you an interview with two of the company’s dancers Michaela Ellingson and Joshua Boyle that we recommend you watch for their insights concerning their impending career in dance.

Touring continues unabated until mid-July across the UK and into Europe, check the company website for details at the link below.

EDge 2015 is performed by Isabel Alvarez, Tiffany Desplanques, Eriketi Andreadaki, Michaela Ellingson, Lilly Nguyen, Joshua Boyle, Clare Schweitzer, Iris Chan, Sade Risku, Emily Cook, Sophia Sednova and Amerigo Delli Bove.

Filmed at The Riley Theatre in Leeds on May 9th 2015.

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