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Rosie Kay Dance Company ‘Double Points:K’

Hear this, because we’re bringing you our first video feature from the recently completed International Dance Festival Birmingham which folded up its collective tents over the weekend.

Rosie Kay Dance Company have followed a slightly unusual path to creating this work. ‘Double Points: K’ takes it’s inspiration from another piece of work by Dutch dance maker Emio Greco. That work, entitled ‘Double Points: Two’, was created several years ago and performed alongside this piece at the festival.

The company say of this work:

“The Double Points series, by Amsterdam based company Emio Greco|PC was begun in 1998, and the original Double Points: Two presents aspects of duality and the occurrence of opposition and correspondence.  After collaborating with Emio Greco in Amsterdam in 2007, Rosie Kay is create a new interpretation of the work to create Double Points: K, a modern style of dialogue between two choreographers.

Taking inspiration from studies in quantum physics, exploring the space within ourselves, and the space between moving objects in time, Rosie Kay’s Double Point: K  takes the drive and careful development of Emio Greco’s original work and splices it with her own unique movement vocabulary, creating a tension and opposition within the work.”

Touring details are vague at the moment but the work will be featured at this years Edinburgh Festival from 6th August. Keep an eye on the company’s website for details.

‘Double Points : K’ is performed by Rosie Kay and Morgan Cloud

update: 21st October. The footage has been replaced with a performance filmed in Stratford upon Avon which was from a better angle than was previously possible in Birmingham.