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DOT 504 ‘Holdin Fast’

If you want your dance/physical theatre edgy then look no further than mainland Europe. There’s a lot of angst, a lot of pent up energy and they’ve got the skills to pull the whole thing off. Enter, stage-left, DOT504 from the Czech Republic.

Formed in 2006 the company have created and toured several works. ‘Holdin’ Fast’ is coming to the end of its touring life for now but is a striking example of the company’s craft.
We have no idea why they are called DOT504, we could ask of course but there has to be some mystery left in the universe!

If you like your movement grounded and taught then this is the company for you. All those hours in contact improvisation class will pay off if you persevere. This company provide a masterclass in just how two or three dancers work together sans “awkward elbows”. A sizable amount of the spoken word (in both Czech and English depending on where you see the show) adds a great deal to the mix.

Using press speak the company tell us this;

“Three couples in changing possibilities of sexual relationships. A dream of desire and dependency, where dancers´ bodies fall under the pressure of the other, to bear testimony to passion, dynamics and the intensity of relationships.”

Short and to the point just the way we like it.

The last scheduled performance is in Dundee at The Rep Theatre on May 19. After the that the company will be touring new work around Europe. Keep an eye on their website for details.

‘Holdin’ Fast’ is performed by Helena Arenbergerová, Michaela Ottová, Lenka Vágnerová, Petr Opavský, Pavel Mašek, Daniel Raček with Choreography by Jozef Fruček & Linda Kapetanea.

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