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Danish Dance Theatre ‘CaDance’

As you may guess from the title we have for you, our dear readers, a video feature from one of the premiere Scandinavian dance companies and living proof that our Nordic friends have more about them than good health care and progressive social policies.

On their soon to be completed UK tour the company are performing three works by the in-house AD Tim Rushton. Namely; ‘Enigma’, ‘CaDance’ and ‘Kridt’. What we have here is a solid mix of contemporary with a hint of the classical extension (get you! Ed!) but no so much that we descend into the madness of William Forsythe.

The company say this much about themselves;

“Established in 1981 the Danish Dance Theatre is one of the major forces in contemporary dance in Denmark. The British born Tim Rushton took over the artistic leadership in 2001. Under his direction, the company has gained an international presence and enjoyed acclaim throughout Europe, North America, Australia and the Middle East.

The vision of the Danish Dance Theatre is to push the borders of the perception of dance. The gap between contemporary and classical dance is the signature playground of Tim Rushton and the company. “

Our feature brings you a segment from each of the three works and an interview with company dancer Luca Marazia with whom we discuss the work, touring and the oddities of teaching in this weird little country of ours!

Danish Dance Theatre’s triple bill is performed by Luca Marazia, Adi Armit, Minna Beirglund, Stefanos Bizas, Bjorn Nilsson, Milou Nuyens, Erik Nyberg, Alessandro Sousa Pereira, and Ana Sendas with choreography by Tim Rushton.

This performance was filmed at the Newcastle Playhouse Theatre on February 25th 2011 in Newcastle upon Tyne.

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