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Dance Theatre Ireland ‘Exodus’

Another overseas hidden gem reveals itself in the form of Dance Theatre Ireland, based in the Republic of Ireland, no more than a stones throw away from the English coast but isolated, sort of, by hefty touring costs.

Although they have ventured into Europe during the company’s ten years the current tour is, for the moment, confined to Ireland itself but that may change in the near future.

What they have to offer is some superbly crafted dance making performed by some outstanding dancers. ‘Exodus’, created by the company’s directors Loretta Yurick and Robert Connor and ‘Grand Junction’ from Charles Linehan are on offer from the current tour and we bring you clips from both.

The company promo blurb describes their work in these terms;

“…a double bill featuring two beautiful new works: Exodus, is a new creation by Robert Connor & Loretta Yurick with stunning World music. In a context where “immigration” has come to mean “border control”, people are moving (legally or illicitly) all over the world. What do we bring with us? What do we leave behind? How do we encounter another? Featuring an international cast of 6 dancers, digital scenography by Suzanne Mooney and original music by Rory Pierce.

Grand Junction is a signature work by eminent UK choreographer Charles Linehan acclaimed for its eloquence and masterful attention to detail.”

As ever we urge you to push past the words and move onto the work itslef in glorous multi colour video.

The company are currently touring Ireland only with more dates to be added in the future. Check their website for constant updates of information. You can also check out our video interview with Loretta Yurick, co-director of the company, which features more footage from the show.

Grand Junction is performed by Karl Paquemar and Melanie Nezereau with music by Nye Parry and Julian Swales, Choreography by Charles Linehan. Exodus is performed by Robert Connor, Lise Manavit, Avril Murphy, Melanie Nezereau, Brendan O’Connor, Karl Paquemar and Aneta Szydiak. Music by Rory Pierce and Choreography by Loretta Yurick and Robert Connor.