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Cultural Politics

The current political shenanigans going on the in the United States of America are historic for a number of reasons, not least of which is when either Barack Obama or Hilary Clinton secures their party’s nomination it will be the first time in history that an African American or a woman has been nominated to run for President.

US politics has always motivated those in the creative industries and the arts a lot more than here in the UK. Liberals, who lean more toward being culture vultures, also tend to approach their politics in the most creative way possible. Musician and producer has taken a speech given by Barack Obama and turned into a song featuring a few dozen celebrities and the man himself. The overarching message of the video is “Yes We Can”.

Mix in a clever video and high production values and you have a very effective message that’s helping to motivate hundreds of thousands become a little bit more pro-active in the political sphere.

The next time some bubble head tells you creativity and culture don’t matter please don’t point them toward this video, just tell them to bugger off safe in the knowledge that you know it does matter. Some people are beyond help.

There is also a version of the video where each frame is made up of thousands of user submitted photos to create the final video image. You need a very hefty computer to run that version but the normal one runs just fine on even a coal powered machine.

You can watch the video below or see a larger version on the DipDive website (link below).

[ Video on Dip Dive ]