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Cristina Caprioli/ccap ‘Cicadaremix’

Article19’s second feature from the October dance festival that was Coda in Norway features dance maker Cristina Caprioli and company (ccap) with ‘Cicadaremix’, a word that is surprisingly difficult to remember how to spell!

The Swedish dance company (a first on Article19) brings us a deliberate and relentless display of neo-classical shenanigans. Mixing together contemporary and classical dancers, a dangerous business at the best of times, with some off the wall music for 55 minutes of pure dance.

No plot, no story and no set. Just movement, music and top notch dancers, that’s the way we like it here in TheLab™

The company has this much to say about their work

” green dresses and grey out-fits, dancers in line, dancers across. dancing straight forward and in between, by2, by3, by4. glitch, loops and edges, modulation of tone, dissonance, ruffles, and virtuosity. point-work thrills and bare-footed groove, cicadaremix brings classical ballet dancers together with ccap’s contemporary dancers in a jointed stylistic extravagance.”

‘Cicadaremix’ is performed by Agnieszka Dlugoszewska, Katarina Eriksson, Annika Hyvärinen, Johanna Klint, Rafael Sady, Eytan Sivak and Kristine Slettevold with music by Alva Noto, Kevin Volans and Pixel.

The company are still plotting their next moves (pun very much intended) for 2010 but you can follow their tour plans via the company website which is in English just in-case your Swedish is not quite up to speed!

[ Company Website ]