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Company Chameleon ‘Witness’ Interview

Manchester based Company Chameleon are back on tour with a new work by company AD Kevin Turner ‘Witness’, a piece that explores Mr Turner’s own struggles with bi-polar disorder and how it affected not only him but all of those around him.

“Witness the main piece in this double-bill, turns the spotlight on mental health in an original and moving portrayal of how loved ones cope, when mental health problems take hold of someone close. Featuringa rich mix of dance and movement styles, intimate solos, emotive duets and powerful ensembles combine to create a view of mental health, which you simply won’t forget. Touching, sad, funny and absurd, this is relevant and up-to-the-minute dance theatre.

Words Unspoken, a dynamic short work, is the opening piece of the double-bill and features six dancers performing flawlessly formed movements in a striking and synchronized style. Dynamic, brave and resonant, Words Unspoken is a physical representation of stories collected from the dancers and choreographers – untold secrets, memories and events that they have concealed from others.  The work was first created on Spanish company La Mov and Company Chameleon are delighted to present the work for the first time as part of this double-bill”

‘Witness ‘ and ‘Words Unspoken’ are back on tour across the UK in March, check the company website for details.

Dancers: Helen Andrew, Taylor Benjamin, Theo Fapohunda, Margarida Macieira, Kevin Edward Turner. Apprentices: Oliver Sale, Marie Vaudin, Maddie Shinwell. Choreography by Kevin Turner and Anthony Missen.

Filmed at The House, Plymouth university, October 19th, 2016.

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