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Company Chameleon ‘Gameshow’

Manchester based Company Chameleon have been working and touring for years now but just recently they became one of three newly anointed “National Portfolio Organisations” for dance by the big bad ACE.

Their latest work, as the title might suggest, is a riff on the cheesy game show format deployed by many television companies to keep audience glued to their goggle box so they can watch advertising.

Advertising, commercialism and consumer culture are in fact the central theme of this particular work as the protagonists Kevin Turner and Anthony Missen explain in our interview with them.

The company say this much;

“Gameshow focuses on desire, seduction and manipulation. Anthony Missen and Kevin Edward Turner invite you to watch and pass judgment, as contestants test their luck against the big man J.O.Z. the personification of excess itself. A show packed full of physical movement, fearless dancing and athletics, with prizes, power, money, fame, celebrity and a cult following, up for grabs, or at the very least a new pair of trainers. Missen and Turner ask what needs to be sacrificed in order to win big.”

This new work will be touring throughout the new year, check the company’s website for more details on that.

‘Gameshow’ is choreographed and performed by Anthony Missen and Kevin Turner with music by Dieb13. Performance was filmed at the Lowry Theatre in Manchester on November 17th 2011.

This video is funded, in part, with support from Arts Council England