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CodaUng Documentary

Something a little bit different here in the shape of a short documentary we made for the Coda Oslo International Dance Festival in Norway back in October.

The festival runs every two years but on occasion, in the off year, they run a mini-festival and for 2012 that festival was focused on Coda Ung (Coda Young) or basically the young folk.

This time out the festival got two dance companies together, Panta Rei Danseteater from Norway and 2Faced Dance Company from the UK to collaborate on an education project with five groups of kids.

Instead of working separately however the two companies mixed together, having never worked with one another before, to teach the kids in mixed groups to perform alongside 2Faced during their sows of ‘In The Dust’.

As well as the traditional theater stuff the kids were also involved in a live flashmob on the Oslo T-Bane (underground) while the trains were moving and passengers were getting on and off. To add to the organised chaos, live music was provided by Norwegian music bod Samsaya much to the bemusement and enjoyment of the evening commuters.

In an even more crazy experiment a separate group also conducted a flash mob, again with live music, on the city’s tram network. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like playing rugby in a cupboard then wonder no more. 25 dancers on a small, moving tram certainly makes for an interesting experience.

This film was created in association with Coda Oslo International Dance Festival.

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