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Spellbound ‘Small Crime’

Manchester based Company Chameleon recently played host to three dance companies at The Lowry Theatre for a week of collaboration, workshops, teaching and performances. For this evening of work Company Chameleon presented ‘Hands Down’, a work normally performed outdoors.

Also on the bill were Thomas Noone from Spain with ‘Watch Me’, Spellbound Contemporary Ballet from Italy with ‘Contrafase’ and ‘Small Crime’ and finally Norrdans, the Swedish dance company based in Härnösand, with their work ‘I Went Out On A Summer’s Night’ created by Company Chameleon AD Anthony Missen.

For our coverage we spoke with Anthony Missen, from Company Chameleon and Mira Helenius Martinsson the AD of Norrdans.

Dancers for this evening of work were Theo Fapohunda, Riccardo Meneghini, Tomáš Červinka, Claudia Fürnholzer, Jakub Mędrzycki, Hanna Nussbaumer, Maria Cossu, Giovani la Rocca and Mario Laterza. Featuring work created by Anthony Missen, Thomas Noone and Mauro Astolfi.

Performance filmed at The Lowry Theatre in Manchester on January 23rd 2016.

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