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Carte Blanche ‘Corps De Walk’

The national dance company of Norway was once again in attendance at the Coda Dance Festival in Oslo for 2011. This year brings a very unusual work from the stable of Israeli dance maker Sharon Eyal.

The costumes and the lighting design make this work look very old school but the movement and the sound score bring it firmly into modern times.

What you can’t see on the video is the bright blue contact lenses all the dancers are wearing that makes for a slightly surreal experience when you see the work in theatres.

They say this much about it;

“Corps de Walk is about walking, about moving, about a static condition of unique moments and tiny, subtle changes in body posture. The 12 dancers are uniformly dressed in flesh-coloured suits, with white hair and white contact lenses. Sudden, individual sallies in the choreography and muscular dynamics are glimpsed only to quickly vanish within tightly controlled lines or seemingly chaotic formations in which the dancers nonetheless have complete control. Sharon Eyal has collaborated with the Israeli musician and DJ Ori Lichtik for many years and his soundscape reinforces her potent language for the stage also in this production.”

‘Corps De Walk’ is performed by Camilla Spidsóe Cohen, Caroline Eckly, Guro RimeslÃ¥tten, Jennifer Dubreuil Houthemann, Christine Kjellberg, Rebecca Hytting, Christopher Flinder Petersen, Ole Martin Meland, Simbarashe Norman Fulukia, Shlomi Ruimi, Yaniv Cohen, Edhem Jesenkovic with choregraphy by Sharon Eyal with Gai Bachar
 and sound design by Ori Lichtik and many others.

Performance filmed at Dansens Hus, Oslo, Norway on October 20th 2011. Video brought to you with the support, in part, of Arts Council England and Coda Oslo Dance Festival.