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Candoco Dance Company ‘Interview Feature’ Turning 20

The Candocan’s have been touring far and wide with their latest triple bill ‘Turning 20’, named for their 20th anniversary, and finally we, here in TheLab™, can bring you some coverage of the show.

Those of you paying attention will note that one part of ‘Turning 20’ the restaged work ‘Set and Reset/Reset’, originally crafted by Trisha Brown, was Article19’s best work of the year for 2011. Alongside that work we have ‘Looking Back’ from French dance maker Rachid Ouramdane and, a first for Candoco, ‘This Is It’ a solo by Matthias Sperling for dancer Vicky Malin.

Candoco say this much;

“For this programme, we will restage Trisha Brown’s signature work Set and Reset from 1983, which confirmed her as a pioneer of contemporary dance.Using the original concepts from Trisha Brown’s playful choreography, Laurie Anderson’s contagious score and Robert Rauschenberg’s beautiful designs, we will reconstruct a new version of this audience favourite. The restaging project Set and Reset/Reset with Trisha Brown Dance Company will combine the original with Candoco dancer’s choreography.”

Alongside material from ‘Set and Reset/Reset’ we have an interview with one of the company’s ADs Pedro Machado and two, count em’, dancer profiles with Mirjam Gurtner and the dancer of the year for 2011 Ellie Baker.

‘Turning 20’ is performed by Annie Hanauer, Ellie Baker, Mirjam Gurtner, Vicky Malin, Dan Daw, Darren Anderson and Chris Owen with choreography by Trisha Brown, Rachid Ouramdane and Matthias Sperling. Touring continues throughout the year, check their website for the latest details.

Filmed at The Brighton Dome, Brighton on March 29th 2012. This feature was funded, in part, by Arts Council England.

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